Why Mahabharata Star Plus Is Funny


This is my second article on this blog that contains criticism of the Mahabharata Star Plus series.

In last September, a new Mahabharata serial made ​​by Star Plus launched its first episode. Just a few months running in India, ANTV, a TV stations from Indonesia ‘rented’ the Mahabharata Star Plus serial and broadcasted it in Indonesia. Mahabharata Star Plus got a very rousing welcome in Indonesia and the series is dubbed in Indonesian. In India, currently the Mahabharata Star Plus has reached over 200 episodes while in Indonesia it has recently reached over 100 episodes. Many Mahabharata fans from Indonesia liked to watch on YouTube through the Star Plus official channel as the portion of Mahabharata airtime in ANTV is just half an hour (even less) and the Indonesian fans tried to keep abreast of the latest episode of the Mahabharata in India. In India, the current serial Mahabharata has reached its climax—the war. While in Indonesia, the Mahabharata episode is still up in the story of Pandavas’ struggle to build kingdom in Khandavprastha forest.

I usually stay tune every day and watch the latest episodes of Mahabharata serial in Star Plus’ YouTube channel. But I heard a rumor said that Mahabharata serial will soon be finished. I once read an article on the website about the last episodes of Mahabharata Star Plus serial, in the article mentioned that one source close to Star Plus declared an end to the serial Mahabharata after they filming a few episodes after the Mahabharata war ended. I’m sure many fans of the series Mahabharata—including me, felt very surprised and disappointed by this news. Moreover, this new rumor is heard when the serial Mahabharata has reached its climax, the war. Kurukshetra War is the essence of the whole story of the Mahabharata and I think Star Plus was too cruel to decide to ‘abort’ or reduce the portion of war in Mahabharata serial. Moreover, after the Mahabharata war ended, there are still old days stories of the Pandavas and Pandavas and Draupadi trip to the Himalayas, also the story of the birth of Parikshit who will be the next successor to the throne of Hastinapura after Yudhisthira. As a big fan of the Mahabharata I was not willing if Mahabharata serial have to end in war alone.

Source: wayangku.wordpress.com

Source: wayangku.wordpress.com—Parikshit (wayang form)

Mahabharata Star Plus for me was very funny because only with duration of half an hour each time slot, so many episodes that contain very poor interpretation and useless dialogues and scenes and when it came time for war episodes, the Mahabharata Star Plus cut out a lot of important parts of the story of the Mahabharata war. I am sure, the story of the death of Ghatotkacha in the Mahabharata war requires more episodes than the story of Draupadi swayamvar. In Kurukshetra war there is absolutely no action scenes are really atrocious, that there are only silly and pathetic dialogues and scenes that should not exist in a battle scene. Somehow Mahabharata Star Plus looks like a soap opera for me.


Mahabharata war in seashore desert. Nonsense.


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